East of the Ringstrasse: Stadtpark and Karlsplatz

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Next to Stephansplatz, Karlsplatz is the inner city's busiest hub. It sprawls across the Ringstrasse to encompass the magnificent Baroque Karlskirche and an exquisite Jugendstil pavilion designed by Otto Wagner, the architect of the partly elevated tram system to the outer boroughs (now part of the U4 and U6 subway lines). From Karlsplatz, you can travel eastward on the Ringstrasse to visit the stunning Museum for Applied Arts and the romantic Stadtpark with its gilded statue of Johann Strauss, or head in the other direction to Prince Eugene’s Belvedere Palace, a treasure trove of art spanning the centuries.


Belvedere Palace

One of the most splendid pieces of baroque architecture anywhere, the Belvedere Palace—actually two imposing palaces separated by a 17th-century…

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Dominating the Karlsplatz is one of Vienna's greatest buildings, the Karlskirche, dedicated to St. Charles Borromeo. Before you is a…

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Austrians take seriously the pomp of a funeral, brass bands and all, and nowhere is that more evident than the…

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