Franz Josef Land – Sailing North of 80° to the Russian Arctic

03/13/2019 through 09/23/2020
03/13/2019 through 10/10/2020

Franz Josef Land – Sailing North of 80° to the Russian Arctic

Remote Franz Josef Land has always been a magnet for hardy adventurers. Now you too can set foot where great explorers like Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen once overwintered. Watch for polar bears wandering in their natural habitat and almost feel the pull of the magnetic North Pole just a few hundred miles away.

Tromsø and Beyond

We begin our adventure in Tromsø, the starting point for many polar expeditions and trapping adventures. After the first night onboard MS Spitsbergen, we visit Sørøya, a beautiful island close to Hammerfest.

Into Russia

We call on the exotic Russian city of Murmansk, a strategically important port and the world’s largest metropolis north of the Arctic Circle. 

Remote Franz Josef Land

We will spend five days exploring the world´s northernmost archipelago. This is expedition sailing at its most authentic, as we discover rare beauty in the footsteps of great polar explorers like Fridtjof Nansen. Our route and landing sites are highly dependent on the elements, and our experienced captain will take advantage of present conditions to explore.  

We sail well above the 80th parallel, to within 600 nautical miles of the geographic North Pole. Explore rarely-visited historical sites, scout for seals, seabirds and the Arctic fox, and watch for walrus on lonely beaches. Polar bears in the area number some 3,000, so there’s an excellent chance we’ll see these magnificent predators. We then sail back to Murmansk. 

Return to Norway

The North Cape has been a prized destination for centuries. Join an excursion to the top, 1,000 ft above the Arctic Ocean. 


Day 1 Tromsø - Embarkation
Day 2 Sørøya - Half Day
Day 3 Murmansk - Half Day
Day 4-5 At sea
Day 6-10 Franz Josef Land
Day 11-12 At sea
Day 13 Murmansk - Full Day
Day 14 Skarsvåg - Half Day
Day 15 Tromsø - Disembarkation - Docked

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