Across the Bering Sea: From Katmai to Kamchatka

12/12/2019 through 07/10/2021
12/12/2019 through 08/03/2021
Lindblad Expeditions

Across the Bering Sea: From Katmai to Kamchatka

Leave the fast-paced, modern world behind
Covering more than 3,800 nautical miles, and nearly circumnavigating the Bering Sea, this wide-ranging voyage explores one of the most rugged and wildlife-rich regions of the planet. Spot coastal brown bears from Katmai National Park to the Kamchatka Peninsula, search for Steller’s sea eagles along the scenically stunning Zhupanova River and be awed by the abundance and variety of marine mammals and seabirds from the Aleutians to the Commander Islands. 


  • Observe an array of marine mammals: Pacific walrus, northern fur seals, gray, humpback, and sperm whales, sea otters and Steller sea lions
  • Marvel at cliffs crowded with millions of seabirds—from horned and tufted puffins to murres and rare whiskered auklets
  • Explore the wild and pristine Zhupanova River, the legendary flagship waterway of Kamchatka, as you search for Steller’s sea eagles and their nests
  • Watch brown bears digging for clams or fishing for salmon in Katmai National Park
  • Visit a Koryak village in northern Kamchatka, and Vitus Bering’s gravesite in the Commander Islands


Day 1 Anchorage/Seward/Embark
Day 2-3 Katmai National Park
Day 4-5 At Sea/Unalaska
Day 6-10 Exploring the Aleutian Islands
Day 11 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russian Federation
Day 12 Zhupanova River
Day 13-14 Commander Islands
Day 15-19 Exploring the Koryak and Chukotka Coasts
Day 20 Provideniya
Day 21 At Sea, Crossing the Bering Strait
Day 22 Nome/Disembark/Anchorage/Home

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