L'Armada de la Liberté


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L'Armada de la Liberté

Every four to five years tall ships come down the banks of the Seine to celebrate L'Armada de la Liberté in Rouen. The gathering of all these ships is a huge festival featuring numerous events, and it goes on for about ten days.

Do & See

French food will keep your stomach full and the beautiful scenery will please beyond any doubt, but you will also have your hands full when it comes to activities in and around Rouen. The area is not only full of historical sites, but also very popular for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and other sports. The Notre Dame Cathedral is a must-see, not to be confused with its namesake cathedral in Paris. This was the cathedral that inspired Monet to paint his cathedral series. Wandering the streets of Rouen you will also come across The Gros Horloge, a beautiful clock right above a pedestrian street and one of its most recognisable sights.