La Petite Auberge


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La Petite Auberge

Snails in different types of sauces are the speciality of La Petite Auberge. If you are interested in trying these French delights and many more, you can do so at this traditional cosy restaurant, offering a selection of set menus at different price points (starting at €20).


Rouen has it all: gourmet restaurants, romantic escapes, pub grub, and international cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants in the historic downtown and around the Church of St Joan of Arc, but interesting finds await in alleys outside of the immediate city centre. Normandy, unlike the rest of France, does not make its own wine. Instead, the area is renowned worldwide for its apples, cider, pears, and dairy products like cheese and milk. When in Normandy, you must try the apple brandy Calvados, one of the local specialities. Also, some of the best lamb, duck, and poultry in the whole world can be found here!