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Deli is located next to the historic Hans-im-Glück fountain and has an outdoor terrace that is a wonderful place to sit and relax during summer. The menu features many hearty breakfast options, Swabian starters like Maultasche (dough filled with meat, spinach and onion), pasta dishes, salads and classic cocktails. Don't forget to check the daily menu crafted with the freshest ingredients available.


If you love a hearty meal, you will love Stuttgart. Here you will find plenty of places that serve hot plates overflowing with beef, sausages and spätzle. Spätzle is ubiquitous in the area and is broadly comparable to pasta. The national dish, called Gaisburger Marsch, is a stew made of spätzle, diced beef, potatoes, vegetables and fried onions. For an afternoon snack, a pretzel with butter is a good alternative.