Marmaris Thursday Market


Copyright: Christian Kadluba

Marmaris Thursday Market

Another grand marketplace within Marmaris comparable to the bazaar. Expect to find a lot of unique things, mostly handcrafted, at cheap prices. Just be sure you know how to barter and you might walk away with a good profit.


First, a brief warning: Marmaris is a big tourist destination, so you have to keep an eye on high prices and fake versions of branded goods. For instance, check that you can actually change the batteries of a watch, or it will be an expensive throwaway. Haggling is also essential. That said, it can still be a lot of fun just to wander around the bazaar that stretches over several blocks in the town centre. You will find carpets, leather jackets, tablecloths, pirated designer goods and souvenirs are all kinds. At the local market (Thursdays in Marmaris and Fridays in Içmeler) you can buy also fresh products and spices.