How to Have an At-Home Aprs Ski Experience This Year

  • How to Have an At-Home Aprs Ski Experience This Year

    Until we’re après-coronavirus, shotskis will have to be a socially distant affair.

    While it may look pretty different, there are ski resorts opening for the 2020 season. Since outdoor activity is relatively low-risk, it’s reasonable to expect that people may be able to hit the slopes (with modifications), but spending those post-skiing hours socializing and partying in a crowded deck or inside a bar isn’t going to be a viable activity. And even if you don’t have a ski resort in your backyard, you can still have some wintry après ski fun at home this year.

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  • First, Enjoy a Cold-Weather Activity

    Before you hop into the après ski experience you have to do something for all that fun to be après. You don’t have to be zipping down a black diamond run in Aspen or Tahoe to have a wintery outdoor experience. Any kind of vigorous, brisk outdoor activity that gets the blood pumping will do. Whether that’s visiting a local ski resort, a good hike, or a long walk as long as you come home and your face has that pleasant, post-activity chill you’ll be good to go.

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  • Dress the Part

    One of the great things about the après ski scene is that you don’t have to worry about putting together an outfit—basically, you’re usually wearing whatever you wore skiing (sometimes that means ski boots, as well). So dressing the part is a fairly easy and comfortable experience. Just keep on whatever fleece you had on under your coat and a cozy beanie. You’ll be in exactly the right outfit.

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  • Something Hearty to Eat

    Now it’s time to feed that appetite you’ve worked up. Enjoy something hearty like a baked potato or some tomato soup. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a stone-cold classic like fondue or schnitzel. Not only are you going to want something filling after you’ve burned all those calories, you’re going to need to be operating on a full stomach for what comes next.


  • Have a Drink, or Two…

    A big feature of the après ski scene is enjoying a few (often quite a few) drinks. This can mean something as straightforward as a nice cold beer. Or it can involve a more elaborate set up. That is to say, it may involve the shotski. It’s literally taking a ski and balancing multiple shots on top of it and then using said ski so that multiple people can drink a shot in perfect synchronicity. Think of it as a way to deepen your bond with your significant other, your roommates, or whoever happens to be in your quarantine pod.


  • Or Warm Up With Something Non-Alcoholic

    If you’re looking for something that’s less raucous and more relaxing, there’s always the non-alcoholic route. Cozy up in your comfiest chair with a spiced apple cider or a classic cup of hot chocolate. Get a nice roaring fire going (or fire up one of those 10-hour long yule log videos) and it’s like you’re lounging in a beautiful alpine chalet.

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  • Have a Hot Bath

    Maybe you’re lucky and you have access to a hot tub. Then you probably don’t need anyone telling you twice to cap off a day of enjoying some heated jets. However, you can still have a comparable experience in a good old fashioned bathtub. Just make sure to get your bathroom nice and steamy, load up the water with some soothing Epsom salts, and—what the heck—have a cold beer on standby to really complete the experience.

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